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6AF11 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12DP


各行の最後の4文字はベースピン配置を示します。コンパクトロン ベース図 (Compactron Basing Diagrams)を参照してください。


1AD2から5HC7はコンパクトロン リスト③にあります。


6AC9 Duplex-Diode Pentode 12GN
6AC10 Triple Triode 12FE
6AD10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
6AD10-A Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
6AF10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12GX
6AF11 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12DP
6AG9 Triode-Pentode 12HE
6AG10 Gated Twin Hexode 12GT
6AG11 Duplex-Diode Twin Triode 12DA
6AH9 Triode-Pentode 12HJ
6AK9 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12GZ
6AK10 Triple Triode 12FE
6AL9 Triode-Pentode 12HE
6AL11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12BU
6AR11 Twin Pentode 12DM
6AS11 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12DP
6AV11 Triple Triode 12BY
6AX3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12BL
6AY11 Duplex-Diode Twin Triode 12DA
6B10 Duplex-Diode Medium-Mu Twin Triode 12BF
6BA11 Triode-Twin Pentode12ER
6BD11 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12DP
6BE3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12GA
6BE3-A Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12GA
6BF11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
6BH11 Twin-Triode Pentode 12FP
6BJ3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12BL
6BK11 Tree Section Triode 12BY
6BN11 Twin Pentode 12GF
6BV11 Twin Pentode 12HB
6BW3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12FX
6BW11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12HD
6BY11 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12EZ
6BZ3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12FX
6C10 Triple-Triode 12BQ
6CA11 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12HN
6CD3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12FX 
6CE3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12GK
6CG3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12HF
6D10 Triple-Triode 12BY
6DQ3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12HF
6DQ3-A Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12HF
6DT3 Half-wave high-vacuum rectifier 12HF
6EF4 Beam Triode 12HC
6EH4 Beam Triode 12FA
6EH4-A Beam Triode 12FA
6EJ4 Beam Triode 12HC
6EJ4-A Beam Triode 12HC
6FJ7 Double Triode 12BM
6FM7 Dissimilar Double Triode 12EJ
6FY7 Dissimilar Double Triode 12EO
6G11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12BU
6GA7 Diode-Pentode 12EB
6GE5 Beam Power Amplifier 12BJ
6GF5 Beam Power Amplifier 12BJ
6GV5 Beam Power Amplifier 12DR
6GY5 Beam Power Amplifier 12DR
6HB5 Beam Power Amplifier 12BJ
6HD5 Beam Power Amplifier 12ES
6HE5 Beam Power Amplifier 12EY
6HE7 Diode-Pentode 12FS
6HF5 Beam Power Amplifier 12FB
6HJ5 Beam Power Amplifier 12FL
6HS5 Beam Triode 12GY
6HV5 Beam Triode 12GY
6HV5-A Beam Triode 12GY
6HZ5 Beam Triode 12GY
6J10 Pentode-Gated-Beam Discriminator 12BT
6J11 Twin Pentode 12BW
6JA5 Beam Power Amplifier 12EY
6JB5 Beam Power Amplifier 12EY
6JC5 Beam Power Amplifier 12EY
6JD5 Beam Triode 12GY
6JH5 Beam Triode 12JE
6JK5 Beam Triode 12JE
6JM6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FJ
6JM6-A Beam Power Amplifier 12FJ
6JN6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FK
6JN6-A Beam Power Amplifier 12FK
6JS6 Beam Pentode 12FY
6JS6-A Beam Pentode 12FY
6JS6-B Beam Pentode 12FY
6JS6-C Beam Pentode 12FY
6JZ6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GD
6JZ8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
6K11 Three-Section Triode 12BY
6KD6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GW
6KE6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GM
6KN6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GU
6LB6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GJ
6LF6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GW
6LG6 Beam Power Amplifier 12HL
6LR6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FY
6LU8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
6LV6 Beam Power Amplifier 12GW
6LX6 Beam Power Amplifier 12JA
6M11 Twin-Triode Pentode 12CA
6MB6 Beam Triode 12FY
6MF8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
6MJ8 Triple Triode 12HG
6MN8 Triple Triode 12HU
6MY8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
6Q11 Three-Section Triode 12BY
6T9 Triode-Pentode 12FM
6T10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
6U10 Three-Section Triode 12FE
6Y10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
6Z10 Pentode-Gated-Beam Dscriminator 12BT


出典: GE Essential Characteristics (1973)



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