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6AF11 Dissimilar Double Triode Pentode 12DP


各行の最後の4文字はベースピン配置を示します。コンパクトロン ベース図 (Compactron Basing Diagrams)を参照してください。


8AC9 Duplex-Diode Pentode 12GN
8AC10 Triple Triode 12FE
8AC10-A Triple Triode 12FE
8AL9 Triode-Pentode 12HE
8AR11 Twin Pentode 12DM
8B10 Duplex-Diode Medium-Mu Twin Triode 12BF
8BA11 Triode-Twin Pentode 12ER
8BM11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12FU
8BN11 Twin Pentode 12GF
8BQ11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12DM
8BU11 Twin-Triode Pentode 12FP
8CB11 Twin Pentode 12DM
9AH9 Triode-Pentode 12HJ
9AK10 Triple Triode 12FE
9BJ11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12FU
9MN8 Triple Triode 12HU
10AL11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12BU
10AJ5 Beam Power Amplifier 12FY
10T10 Dissimilar Double Triode-Pentode 12EZ
10Z10 Pentode-Gated Beam Discriminator 12BT
11AR11 Twin Pentode 12DM
11BQ11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12DM
11BT11 Dissimilar Double Triode-Pentode 12GS
11CA11 Dissimilar Double Triode-Pentode 12HN
11CF11 Dissimilar Double Triode-Pentode 12HW
11CH11 Dissimilar Double Triode-Pentode 12GS
11FY7 Dissimilar Double Triode 12EO
12AC10-A Triple-Triode 12FE
12AE10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
12AL11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12BU
12AX3 Half-Wave High-Vacuum Rectifier 12BL
12BE3 Half-Wave High-Vacuum Rectifier 12GA
12BE3-A Half-Wave High-Vacuum Rectifier 12GA
12BF11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
12BT3 Half-Wave High-Vacuum Rectifier 12BL
12BV11 Twin Pentode 12HB
12G11 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12BU
12GE5 Beam Power Amplifier 12BJ
12HE7 Diode-Pentode 12FS
12JF5 Beam Power Amplifier 12JH
12JN6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FK
12JN6-A Beam Power Amplifier 12FK
12JS6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FY
12T10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
13FM7 Dissimilar Double Triode 12EJ
13J10 Pentode Gated-Beam Discriminator 12BT
13JZ8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
13V10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
13Z10 Pentode-Gated-Beam Discriminator 12BT
14BL11 Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12GC
14BR11 Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12GL
15AF11 Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12DP
15BD11 Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12DP
15BD11-A Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12DP
15FM7 Dissimilar-Double-Triode 12EJ
15FM7 Dissimilar-Double-Triode 12EO
15MF8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
16AK9 Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12GZ
16BQ11 Dissimilar-Double Pentode 12DM
16BX11 Dissimilar-Double-Triode Pentode 12CA
16GY5 Beam Pentode 12DR
16KA6 Beam Pentode 12GH
16LU8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
16LU8-A Triode-Pentode 12DZ
16MY8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
17AB10 Pentode-Gated-Beam Discriminator 12BT
17AX3 Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12BL
17BE3 Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12GA
17BE3-A Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12GA
17BF11 Dissimilar-Double Pentode 12EZ
17BZ3 Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12FX
17GE5 Beam Power Amplifier 12BJ
17GV5 Beam Power Amplifier 12DR
17JM6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FJ
17JM6-A Beam Power Amplifier 12FJ
17JN6 Beam Power Amplifier 12FK
17JN6-A Beam Power Amplifier 12FK
17JZ8 Triode-Pentode 12DZ
17JZ8-A Triode-Pentode 12DZ
17X10 Pentode-Gated-Beam Discriminator 12BT
18AJ10 Dissimilar Double Pentode 12EZ
19CG3 Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12HF
19DE3 Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12HX
19DQ3 Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12HF
19DQ3-A Half-Wave High Vacuum Rectifier 12HF


出典: GE Essential Characteristics (1973)



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