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Twinの場合はUnit 1を計測しています。


2A3 Power Amplifier Triode
6240G Twin Triode
6AQ8 Twin Triode
6AU8 Triode Unit
6AU8 Pentode Unit
6AW8A Triode Unit
6AW8A Pentode Unit
6BC8 High-frequency Twin Triode
6BL8 Triode Unit
6BQ7A Twin Triode
6C4 Medium-Mu Triode
6FQ7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
6GK5 High-frequency Twin Triode
6J4 High-Frequency Twin Triode
6JV8 Triode Unit
4RHH2 (6RHH2) Twin Triode
6U8A Triode Unit
6U8A Pentode Unit
7DJ8 (6DJ8) Twin Triode
8045G Power Amplifier Triode
8CG7 (6CG7) Medium-Mu Twin Triode 
10DE7 Double Triode Unit1
10DE7 Double Triode Unit2
10DX8 Triod Unit
12AT7 High-Frequency Twin Triode
12AU7 Medium-Mu Twin Triode
12AX7 High-Mu Twin Triode
12BH7A Medium-Mu Twin Triode
12BH7A Medium-Mu Twin Triode Unit 1+2 (パラ接続)



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